SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 1/9/07

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Randy Ayers, Mike Leuty, Carol Leuty,  Bud Bohrer, Mary Lee, Keith Brown, Ron Bauer, Dick Willy, Val Korry, and Jodi Fordahl.

Minutes Review – Lou Ann was not present, so nothing could be discussed.

Board Report – Mark has given up the March 31st Time Trials date in BMP.  Dick and Jerry agreed that we should take over this date and hold a Novice School.  Dick will need to speak with Jackie to make sure she is okay with this.

Treasurer’s Report – Please see attached. 

WWSCC Report – Rules proposal meeting was held in December.  Nothing presented was earth shaking; a majority were just house keeping and administrative clean-up.  Someone presented one that suggested the SRT4 was bumped to a different class.  All agreed this was not something we would approve.  BEAC is starting to enforce the policy that nothing can be sold on Boeing property, so WW is going to change the rules regarding the rulebook.  At the first event you will be charge a $5 registration fee and given a book.  At the following events, as long as you are listed on the master registration form, you will not need to present your book.  The Slush events will be as follows - January 28 UW at Everett, February 4 (TS) at BMP, February 25 (ACE) at BMP.


Equipment Report –   Brian was not present, so nothing could be discussed.




2007 Solo Chair – Dick Willy has volunteered to cover the administrative side of things.  This means that he will run meeting and coordinate with National Office.  Since Mary Lee has agreed to be the BoD liaison, this means we only need one more person to fill the Operations position.  Dick would like to remind people that IF there are no volunteers to do something this doesn’t mean that he will automatically fill in to cover the position.  What that means is IF there is no event chair volunteer, then there will be no event.  Everyone should step-up in 2007 and make sure things continue to be done in the manner in which we are accustomed.


NORPAC Convention – Was held in Reno last weekend.  All of the Solo seminars were a success.  Unfortunately there were a couple that had very little attendance, but people did enjoy the information they received and were thankful we were all there to give our sessions.  It was agreed that we would have a three-event Divisional series including events in Atwater, Packwood, and Helena. Jim Jelow, the current SCCA President finally showed up at the Sunday Town Hall.  Someone asked him if our Solo Nationals event could be moved back to its original time period.  He said that a request had been made to Heartland Park to save the early part of September for Nationals and the later part of September for the Runoffs.  So, it may be possible, but if we expect it to happen we should certainly continue to remind the National Office that we are very interested in this.  There is a rumor that Pete Lyon has resigned from his position as our insurance director.  If this is true, it opens up the possibility of us receiving a better deal on insurance rates. Bud would like to suggest that we start lobbying for separate insurance bids for each of the SCCA venues.  Right now, we are all paying for medical insurance which is obviously not as necessary for the Solo group.  Jodi suggested that someone contact the person responsible for PCA insurance because on a National level they are getting a much better deal for their insurance and it would be nice to find out how this is possible since the clubs are so similar in terms of size, profit, entries, etc.

Katie Elder has resigned from her position and is tentatively being replaced by Brian Nemy. 


Coneheads Banquet – Will be held at FX McRory’s on February 10th.  The cost will be $30 to participate. An announcement was sent out to the autox list, and people can register on-line or mail entry forms to Kristi Brown at her home.  Doors open at 5:00 dinner will be served at 6:30.


Trophies – Kristi has ordered the small helmets for 2nd place and below.  Jackets will be distributed for first place positions.  Everything is moving forward as planned and they do not expect any problems.






2007 Specialty Chiefs –


Course – David Lewis

Waivers – Erika Cowan will covering Stock.  Still need non-stock.

Equipment – Brian Norton

Timing – Glenn Austin and Enrique Garcia

Workers – Keith and Kristi Brown

Scoring – Jodi Fordahl

Registration – Jason Spore or Dick Willy may be interested

Tech – Mary Lee has volunteered to cover the stock half of the day.

Grid – Glenn may be interested.

Trophies – Amy Olson

Novice Chair – Jackie McInnes and Chris Kmetz




March 25 (BMP) – Jake and Shalyn

April 1 (BMP) – Joel Ferguson

May 19- 20 (Packwood) – East/West challenge to be run by a NWR Member only. 

May 27 (BMP) – Gretchen Everett – Jodi Fordahl

June 23- 24 (Packwood) – Scott Miller; Event – Jerry Lamb will cover the practice on Saturday

July 14 – 15 (Packwood) – Amy and Karl; Event – Ron Bauer will cover the practice on Saturday.

July 22 (BMP) – Mary Lee/Randy Ayers

August 18 – 19 (Packwood) – National Tour

August 25 - 26 (Packwood Pro Solo) - Keith and Kristi Brown

September 2 (BMP) – Dick Willy

October 21 (BMP) –


National Tour (Packwood) August 18 – 19 – Still need an event chair. 


Pro Solo – Keith and Kristi Brown will chair.  We still have plenty of time to deal with this, but Keith would like to contact Stacy Molleker to see if he would be interested in designing the course again.  It was also suggested that Jim Daniels may be interested in doing another one this year. 




Corvette & HP Show – Need volunteers.


Raised Fees from National Office – Insurance fees have been increased from $4.50 to $5.00.  Sanction fees have been increased from $3.00 to $3.75. 


Annual Tech – Mary Lee asked when the annual tech should take place.  Everyone suggested that something should be held prior to the first event at an off-site location, along with something happening during the first couple of events.  Jodi suggested that we contact Greg since he has lifts at his shop, and his schedule “may” open up a little this year. 


New Timing & Scoring Computer - Since Jodi has been using her personal laptop to cover Timing & Scoring for SCCA, PCA, and BSCC events she is asking each club to donate $500 to cover the cost of something new to be used for all three of these clubs.  Since we cannot give her money and try to show this purchase on her books, we have requested that she charge us a rental fee of $500 for the services that she and her computer provide for our club for 2007.  A motion was made and approved to allocate $500 to cover this service fee from the club treasury.


2007 Solo Sponsor -  A discussion was raised to write up an agreement and negotiate with our sponsor for 2007.  Apparently, Greg Fordahl has been having issues with some of our regional people who have not been respecting the fact that he is our Solo series sponsor and should have logo included in as many places as possible.  It was also suggested that someone develop a form to use for the course maps that include the Fordahl Motorsports logo, with the name and location of his business.  Perhaps this is something that David Lewis can deal with as Chief of Course.


Meeting was adjourned at  8:04 p.m.