SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 1/10/06


Members in attendance - Bud Bohrer, Jodi Fordahl, Annie Bauer, Erika Cowan, Dick Willy, Val Korry, Jerry Lamb, Scott Miller, Keith Brown, Gretchen Everett, Jake Nygaard, Mike Leuty, Alan Dahl, Glen Austin, Tom LeCoque, and Ron Bauer.  Guests:  Randy Ayers, Mary Lee.


Minute Review – Accepted as written.


Board Report – Tom Masterson Jr. is now the official A.R.E for Race. Sherri Masterson will be taking over his position on the board.  Membership stands at 1200 people.  New Rally events will be insured by NASA.  If anyone ever does anything that can be considered educational while representing SCCA, the board would like to hear about it.  To maintain our non-for-profit status it is important to actively support our community.  NWR will be the host region for the 2007 Regional Convention.  Solo will need to plan an agenda for the day, so any ideas will be welcomed.  Southwestern Montana has become the newest area of the NORPAC Division.  The regional banquet will be on January 21st and the Hilton in Renton.  Information can be found on the region website. A decision has been made to basically shutdown the newsletter.  A few copies will be produced for those that do not have Internet access.  60% of our budget is being used for production of the newsletter; by slowly eliminating it we will save a tremendous amount of money.  You may contact Sherri if you would like to opt out of receiving the hardcopy.  Jerry will post additional information.


Treasurer’s Report – Lou Ann was not present but left information with Jerry.  Nationals will reimburse us for the Adopt-a-Fund donation we made last year for the Packwood NT.  Thanks Howard!! 


WWSCC Report – Coneheads banquet is coming up on January 28th.  The first of the slush events is January 22nd at Everett.  The next will be Feb. 12, and then Feb. 26 both at Bremerton.  Then things will finish off in Everett on March 12th.  Glen has finished building the FM transmitter.  The final vote for the new rule proposals has not happened yet. 


Equipment Report – The Solo Bus went up to Emmett Coach for transmission adjustment.  We have a three-year warranty on the new transmission, so the Ford dealer should be responsible for doing the repair work.  Jerry needs help getting the bus to the dealership,




2006 Specialty Chiefs –

Timing – Still Need – Anyone interested let Jerry know

Course – Still Need – Anyone interested let Jerry know

Waivers – Still Need a non-stock half.  Erika has volunteered to cover the Stock half of the day.

Scoring – Jodi Fordahl

Workers – Keith & Kristi Brown

Equipment – Kevin Dietz

Registration – Jason Spore & Dick Willy

Tech – Abe Douglas

Grid – Trever McDermott & Glen Hernandez

Novice Chair – Jackie McInnes


Laptop Upgrade – Ron still hasn’t done anything to change this.


Norpac Convention - Last weekend.  Jerry says it was very useful and informative.  There was a big discussion regarding the Divisional series – with four events and three out of four required for trophies there were only 13 people who were eligible.  Half of those people were from the NWR.  Katie is reluctant to hold a series with best 3 of 4.  6 people who attended all of the events were ALL from the NWR. 


Regional Banquet – will be on January 21st at the Renton Hilton.


National Convention – (Feb 2 – 5) A motion was made and approved to pay for Jerry’s registration, airfare and lodging.  Our region will be making a presentation on our Waiver procedures.  Bud is putting it all together and either Karen Babb or Jerry Lamb will make the presentation.


Corvette & HP Show – (Feb. 11-12) – Solo needs to be involved with this show.  Anyone interested please speak to either Val or Jerry. 


Coneheads – Will be on January 28th at FX McCrory’s.  You can now sign up for the banquet at Amazingly enough, SCCA and WW have both chosen the exact same jacket for first place trophies.  Only one person will be receiving trophies for both councils.


2006 Packwood Pro Solo (August 5-6) – This date has been swapped with the NT.  A suggestion was made that we start advertising for this event now, rather than later.  It was also suggested that we get a volunteer to help coordinate the actual lodging situation in Packwood since this was intimidating to people from out of town because they did not understand how things were situated.  Stacey Molleker has already volunteered to design a course.  Alan Dahl has volunteered to be the Event Chair.  Gretchen has volunteered to help with planning a Saturday night dinner.


2006 Packwood NT (August 12-13) - This date has been swapped with the Pro Solo weekend.  We are currently looking for an Event Chair.  We will also need someone to be an Evolution Coordinator.  This is a fair amount of work, so remember it does not need to be limited to one person.  Keith will call and find out if there are any dates available at Cheney Stadium.  Some felt that this would be much more efficient than holding it the week between the Pro Solo and National Tour.


Event Dates and Chairs –Reno Divisional is tentatively set for June 24 – 25.  This has NOT been confirmed.


April 2nd (Bremerton) – Jackie McInnes & Erika Cowan

April 22-23 (Packwood) – Jake Nygaard & Shalyn Morrow

May 28 (Bremerton) – Karl Coleman & Amy Olson

June 17 – 18 (Packwood) – Jake Nygaard & Shalyn Morrow

July 8 – 9 (Packwood) – Brett & Enrique

July 23 (Bremerton) – Karl & Kevin

September 3 (Bremerton) – Aaron Pailthorp

October 15 (Bremerton) – Shelbi & Kevin


A suggestion was made that we include the National Tour event as one of our regional events.

Jerry will post something on the forum and see what people say about that.


Equipment Replacement – Generator, Cones, Blower, Tables, Chairs, Brooms, Helmets and container, Grid/Tech/Registration A-boards, and Trailer.  The price of cones has gone up to $4.95, which is significantly higher than our previous order.  Karl is currently working on ordering new ones.  There was some discussion held regarding whether we actually purchase a new trailer or not.  BSCC is contemplating ordering a CONEX container and a suggestion was made that SCCA could help pay for the storage each month if we are allowed to store cones, etc. in the container.  This would allow us a place to store things without having to make a big purchase to store things.  Keith and Gretchen will work on replacing the A-boards.  Jerry will work with Karl on purchasing some new helmets from JVC. 




Co-hosting Packwood Event w/SSSCC - Sand & Sage would like us to co-host a Packwood event with them similar to what we did last year in Yakima.  The group felt that this would be a good idea if our people were responsible for the course design.  Jerry reminded everyone that giving up the Saturday practice might negatively impact our budget, especially considering how much money we will be spending on replacing our stolen equipment.  A vote was taken and the group decided that we would offer this opportunity to them.


National Championship Rookies – This was brought up at the convention.  SFR gives anyone that was a rookie at the National Championship a FREE entry to the first regional event of the next season.  Jerry thought this was a great idea and wanted to know if our region was interested. A motion was made that the highest finishing male and highest finishing female ROOKIE each receive FREE entries to the entire next season.  A discussion was held and a decision was made to not support this proposal.


Trophies - We need a volunteer to help coordinate regional trophies for this season.  Jerry is suggesting that we not wait until the audit is completed to hand out trophies.  Jerry felt this might help increase the attendance at trophy presentations.  The group felt that it wasn’t necessary to make this change since the audit is usually accomplished very quickly after the last car. 


Event Fees and Sponsorships - A discussion was held regarding whether we should consider raising entry fees.  The group felt that it seemed relatively high to raise fees to $40 and $35, and using a number that is not even would be a nightmare for registration.  It was also discussed that we are currently not doing poorly in the finance department, we just happened to have had several large expenses in 2005.  We will keep the event fees the same and try to work on sponsorships.  It was agreed that we will continue to raise our current series sponsors fee each year.  Gretchen also volunteered to create a small business card schedule to hand out with the Fordahl Motorsports logo and region information.