SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 1/10/05

Members in Attendance – Aaron Pailthorp, Bud Bohrer, Lou Ann Christensen, Sharon Reuter, Wayne Rueter, Alan Dahl, Dick Willy, Karen Babb, Kevin Diez, Mike Leuty, Jerry Lamb

Visitors: None

Minutes Review – approved as amended.

Board Report – Kim needs some proper paperwork proving that the charity we’ve chosen down in Packwood is legitimate.  Rally is working to get a season put together.  They will be holding the same type of events as before, but the events will not be sanctioned by SCCA.   John Nagel has passed away and Kurt is currently looking for anyone who can provide stories helping to illustrate his life and dedication to our sport.  BMP will be holding an open house event trying to help educate the community what might happen if the current BMP organization or site goes away.  Regional Banquet will be held at Larkspur Landing on January 22nd.  You must RSVP prior to attending or you cannot attend.  Anyone interested can contact Ananda whose contact information can be found on our regional website. 

Treasurer’s Report – December was mostly play “catch up” with National office and getting all of our outstanding invoices paid.  Lou Ann prepared a tentative budget for 2005 and asked that all present review and make suggestions as soon as possible.  Someone suggested increasing the fuel cost for year since we will travel to Packwood more.


WWSCC Report – Four events have been scheduled for the Slush series; UWFSAE – January 20th TS- February 13,

ACE – February 27, CACC – March 13


Equipment Report – We still need to purchase a spare tire for the van and trailer.  Tom LeCoque volunteered to help with this since Jodi is no longer working with a tire company.  He was not present but we will ask him at the next meeting.  Jodi was reminded that she volunteered to purchase some five-mile radios, and she will take care of this before the next event.  Steve has obtained 1000 feet of new cable.



Regional Trophies for 2005- Brent Vitolins did a presentation regarding new trophies for 2005 regional trophies.   He brought back several different ideas with different design variations and trophy applications.  He showed small individual trophies with different Star Wars themes, and he also showed one larger plaque with smaller sticker/or plaques that can be applied to the base according to you standings for that day’s event.  He will bring back prices for one of each of the samples at the next meeting and a decision can be made.


Coneheads – Regional trophies were presented by Mike, Kevin and Gretchen.  Everyone approved of the clothing selected.  Door prizes are being collected.  Kevin would be interested in any contacts of people who may be able to donate something.  Since we will not be selling tickets he didn’t think it was necessary to get a whole bunch of stuff.


Corvette and High Performance Show – We are looking for a few volunteers to help man this show on February 12 & 13.  Jodi suggested Val contact the Moffets.


NORPAC Convention – Several people from our region attended.  Lots of snow.  Very good event with well done seminars…

 even better than last year.  Karen and Bud both did excellent presentations, representing our region very well.  Steve Johnson, Howard Duncan and all of the Norpac directors were in attendance.  They are still working on trying to fix the current situation in Topeka and are trying very hard to get it prepared by this year’s National, but it is more than likely going to be 2006.  The surface will be racing asphalt.  Kevin worked very hard to convince this group of people to hold a Pro Solo in Packwood the weekend before National Tour.  Howard is currently trying to determine how to increase the attendance of the Pro series this season.  They are thinking about holding more secondary events that would not be counted in the points total for the year to help with public relations.


2005 Specialty Chief Positions – We currently have several of the positions filled but are looking for volunteers to cover non-stock half of registration, tech, course, and grid. 




Event Dates – The following dates are now firm for the 2005 season:


March 5 – 6 (BMP)

April 24 (Yakima)

May 14 – 15 (Packwood)

May 29 (Bremerton)

June 18 – 19 (Packwood)

July 23 – 24: National Tour (Bremerton)

August 13 (Bremerton?)

September 4:  (Bremerton)

September 24 – 25 (Bremerton)

October 16 (Bremerton)


We need volunteers for all of the above empty positions!  If you are interested, please contact Jerry Lamb. 

Being an event chair is a very fun position that is supported by several great specialty chiefs, so if you have

even thought about learning how to do this job, you will have LOTS of support. 




The meeting was adjourned at 8:38 p.m.