01/14/03 Minutes


Terri Johnson and Glen Hernandez

Board Report

Talked about the 50th Anniversary celebration.  Everything is coming together very quickly now that there is a new banquet committee in place.   Each person attending the banquet will be provided with a keepsake flute.  There will be windshield banners available that have been designed to go on the inside of the window of your vehicle.  Hotel rooms are available for $70.  The banquet will be on February 22nd.  The cost will be $40 per person.   The keynote speaker will be Steve Johnson, the SCCA CEO.   The region has appointed a new editor for the NWR newsletter.   Linda Miklovic who has accepted a full-time position and was unable to do both tasks and unfortunately, had pulled out of the running.    

Treasurer’s Report

Please see attached report.  A decision was made to purchase 50 – 2003 rulebooks and 100 Solo stickers.


WWSCC Report


WW is still looking for a VP.  The first slush event is on January 26.  You MUST be a member a WW club BEFORE January, 17 to compete in this event.  They are having a logo competition to come up with a new design for their logo.  They are offering 5 free entries for the winning logo designer and 1 free event for the person that comes up with the new WW slogan.  WW would like to borrow the SCCA sound meter equipment to try it out before they purchase one for themselves.  The rule change meeting was held and there are 36 proposals on the table.  Most are word changes, while one will require a discussion.  A discussion was held and the following decisions were made based on the list of proposals presented by Jerry Lamb - 1:Yes  2:Yes  3:Yes  4:Yes  5:Yes  6:Yes 7:Yes  8:Yes  9:Yes  10:Yes  11:Yes  12:Yes  13:Yes  14:Yes  15:Yes  16:Yes  17:Yes  18:Yes  19:Yes  20:Yes  21:Yes  22:Yes  23:Yes  24:Yes  25:Yes  26:Yes  27:Yes  28:Yes  29:Yes  30:Yes  31:Yes  32: Yes  33:Yes  34:Yes  35:No.    

Equipment Report


Bus – currently at Horizon Ford.   Everything that was voted on at the prior meeting has been repaired.


New generator –  We have a new generator.  It will be delivered to Kevin and put in the Solo Bus for storage.  A motion was made to purchase a new parallel cable as long it was under $75.


A suggestion was made that we purchase a laser printer for registration.  Jodi has agreed to check into the situation and bring a recommendation to the next meeting. 


Old Business


NORPAC Convention - There were several familiar people at the event.  SCCA University did a leadership presentation.  The SCCA University is a pet project for Steve Johnson.  More information regarding this new concept is available on the national SCCA web site.  Howard Duncan is now involved with all SCCA venues.  One of his goals for 2003 is to recruit younger people into the SCCA organization, and to provide a better service to the SCCA members nationwide.  Garret Mudd, SCCA VP of Marketing  – wants to overcome the Secret Sports Car stigma.  They will be focusing on brand awareness for SCCA and adding membership value.  Tasha Goodale has lost most of her original staff from Denver, but has acquired a new staff in Topeka and is quite pleased so far.  A forum was held regarding annual Tech inspections.  Karl felt there was really no negative viewpoints presented and also learned several positive things about the situation.  Both the San Francisco and Reno regions have tested the situation.   Both regions started late in the year, so not too much information has been collected.  There will be a total of 12 regions participating in this test program for 2003.  Things have been so well received that Denver was confident that we would see this situation included in the 2004 rulebook.

Denver is placing more emphasis on the kart program.  If people are interested, this type of program can be set up for children as young as 6 years old.  Registration for all National Tours and Pros will be available ON-LINE.  Also, event caps will be placed on all national level events based on each individual site location.  For 2003, National Tours will be $60 to enter.   They are looking at paving a new site for Nationals at Forbes Field, because re-paving the current site is not an option.  Announcements will be made at this year’s Nationals event. 


Site Marketing Committee Updates -  Currently six events on our schedule:  March 9th  –Bremerton,  April 6 – Yakima,  May 25 –Bremerton,  August 31 – Bremerton, October 19 – Bremerton,  November 2 – Bremerton.  Scott has recently spoken with his contact at the Port of Seattle.  They are no longer opposed to running at the Pier 5 facility.  They are willing to consider us running there, but will not approve anything this far in advance.  They are willing to re-evaluate our needs, but not until the actual month of our event, because they are still trying to find a permanent tenant.   Dick has also spoken with Wayne Young regarding the Whidbey Island Naval station, with the current state of world affairs; it will be a while before they even consider the possibility.  Wayne has expressed that the Coupeville site will probably not be large enough to serve our needs.


Coneheads –   The banquet registration is now available on-line.  Hard copies will not be mailed out via US Mail because Susan was so caught up in dealing with the on-line situation.  Entry fee will be $25 per person.  


Trophy Committee -  Trophies are almost finished and ready to go.  Ron Bauer will take care of doing something for our Sponsors.  Both the Novice of the Year and Worker of the Year have been decided.  Also, jackets for the Specialty Chiefs have also been completed. 


Chiefs of Specialty for 2003 -  Erika Cowan has agreed to be the co-chair of registration with Gretchen Everett.   Kelly Picasso has also agreed to be co-chair of timing (stock half of the day) and still needs another volunteer to help out. 


Corvette & High Performance Show -  Val is still looking for volunteers to help support this event.  Requests for volunteers will be sent out via the NW Autocross list. 


New Business


Season Sponsorship -  Fordahl Motorsports has agreed to be the NWR-SCCA Solo title sponsor for the 2003 season.  They will receive all of the current sponsor benefits, along with a FREE add in the NWSCN that announces this relationship.  The question was raised as to what more could be done to help benefit Fordahl Motorsports – Greg suggested that a technical seminar be held on his site to help educate people as to exactly what can be done to the underside/suspension of a vehicle, and it was also suggested that an ad be placed on the backside of the Solo timing cards.  Greg has agreed to contribute more money towards our organization, as long as this continues to be a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties.


PayPay -  Solo now has the ability to use PayPal for on-line registration.  


National Convention -  The convention will be held in Kansas City this year.  Karl does not know if his schedule will be open to attend this event and is looking for volunteers to attend in his place.  Bud Bohrer has agreed to go in Karl’s place if necessary.


Good of the Order