NorPac Convention – Mike Leuty said every region was represented. Tax issue seems to be nearly resolved.


Treasurer - Warning about some late checks will be deposited (e.g. Evolution School payments) soon.


Discussion of things to buy – 2nd laptop, cones, trailer, wireless mike were suggested.


Up to $5000 has been approved by region board for purchase of the trailer. Discussion of trailers following Mike Leuty’s report of his research.


FM transmitter approved for purchase.


NorPac report:

Reno interested at Div Stead AFB in Aug?, Snake River looking at June. Oregon and Big Sky are interested in helping out.

Steve Johnson, Howard Duncan, several natl directors were there.

Talk about national office move – free rent for 2 years should pay for the moving costs. Howard Duncan should be moving as well as Tasha Goodale.


Board report:

Rally is having an event in Goldendale on the 16th

NWR’s 50th anniversary next year – committee is looking into what to do for this.

Looking at getting an FIA Rally in this region.

If Pacific Raceways isn’t ready, there won’t be a double national road race this year for NWR.


Dick Willy is attending National Convention


Trophies – said the 20th is when he’s get them.


All supplemental proposals were passed as written or amended.


18. Two Street Tire classes will be provided: one Open and one Ladies. Class

designation is a "T" following the normal class letters (e.g. AST, CSPLT).

This class is for cars using non-R compound DOT-approved tires. Purpose-built autocross or road racing ('R' compound) tires are not allowed. See 17.3 of

Solo II Rules for tire eligibility specifics. The current National PAX/RTP Index values will be used to compute times for scoring (see Section 16 for formula). STS and STX class is not eligible.


16. PAX Classes. Four PAX Index-based classes will be offered: Stock Open,

Stock Ladies, non-Stock Open and non-Stock Ladies. Class designation is X following the normal class letters (e.g., ASX, CSPLX). The current National

PAX/RTP Index values will be used to compute times for scoring. PAX-Indexed times are computed as follows: Time = (scratch time * PAX Index) + Penalties. STS and STX run with Stock.


4.(2) Change to read: The passenger is a non-competitor or has completed all of his/her competition runs or is competing in a PAX class as defined in section 16.


WW Rules all passed.


Looking for volunteers for Corvette show. Alan and Kevin Dietz will work on a video for this.


Call for nominations for region awards. Karl Coleman was nominated for the Frank and Joan Manley Enthusiast Award.

30th Anniversary of NWR Solo II is somewhere around April 2002 (started by Bud Bohrer). Suggestions for how to celebrate this should be forwarded to Bud.