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Insurance Waivers

All Participants must sign the insurance waiver when entering the site or they are not allowed to stay on the site. See the link below for more information on the insurance waivers.

Rule_Book_Waivers.pdf  88 KB SCCA Rules concerning waivers and age related access to the course and grid from the National Solos Rules.

ALL MINORS (under 18 years old) must have a minor waiver filled out with a parental signature or they are not allowed on the site. Minor drivers, passengers, course workers (and any other minor) whose official capacity requires him/her to enter a "hot" area, MUST have a waiver on file that is signed by BOTH parents/legal guardians.

MINORS UNDER 12 may not enter a "hot" area, including grid or being on course in any capacity during competition. The only exceptions are drivers between 8 and 12 who are participating in an approved Junior Driver program – these drivers are subject to the rules in the Solo Rule Book.

SCCAminorwaiver.pdf  13 KB The Minor Release Form is a pre-carboned two page form. When completed, the NW Region keeps the original, and the parents or guardians keep the carbon copy.
If either or both parents or guardians do not come to the event site to fill out a pre-carboned form, we can accept forms completed as follows:
· Two copies must be printed with color print. Black and white forms will not be accepted.
· One copy must be marked “original,” and one must be marked “copy.”
· Both forms must be completed identically.
· Both forms must be notarized or witnessed by the same individual on the same date.
· The forms may be either notarized or witnessed by a current SCCA member, with the membership number clearly shown on the form.
· Both copies must be presented to the person witnessing waivers at the event for verification, and the member witnessing the waivers at the event will add their signature and member number to both copies.
· The NW Region retains the “original” and the parents or guardians retain the “copy.”
· If the form is not signed by both parents or guardians, or the sole legal guardian (when there is only one legal guardian and it is so specified on the waiver form), the minor may not enter the grid or be on course during competition.


These forms are usually stocked in the Solo Bus, but be sure to let the Chief of Registration know when supplies get low!

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