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NWR Solo Event Schedule

The NWR SCCA puts on around 6 to 10 events each year in the Puget Sound area as part of a year long series.  Each event is scored individually and each event is used to score a position in the year long series.

The "Next Event" usually will have specific information on each event as they come up.

Click here to see who is running the events.

NWR Solo schedule:
All dates are Sunday unless indicated.
Click on location name for a map and directions.

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Other SCCA Schedule Resources:
For a list of the national level events, go the "National Schedule" page listed on the left menu or go to the www.scca.org website for more information on these events.

Other Local Schedule Resources:

Event Sites:
The events are usually held at one of these sites:


Puget Sound area autocross events are held at several sites in the area. The Site Committee is constantly working on new sites and as they are found they will be added to this page. If you know of any sites that might be available please contact site committee chairman Dick Willy.

There are detailed directions and maps available for each site.

Please consult the next event page for specific information for information on individual events.


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