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NWR SCCA presents the 2017 Chase Race Solo Championship Series!

Event #1 is at Bremerton Motorsports Park on Sunday April 9th.

Online Pre-Registration (for all events):

Click to register ($5 discount if you pre-register) NOTE:  Stay tuned for registration to be updated for 2017.

  • Payment is made at the event cash or checks only.
  • You can change or cancel your registration until Friday at 6pm (two days before the event)
  • Pre-registering is not required to attend the event

To see a list of current entries, goto the registration page and click on the event number listed in the upper right "Entry Lists" tab.

Click here to see the run order information.
Subject to change at the event due to group size issues.

Click here to see who's running the events 

New Sound Limits!
The Sound Limit for all autocross events starting in 2015 is NOW 96db. This will be measured at a  50 distance while cars are running on course. Please review the NWR Supplemental Rules posted on the Solo administration section of this website if you have any questions.  If your car is loud, be prepared and bring additional exhaust parts with you. Simple turn-downs can be effective, or change your exhaust before heading out. Click here to see messurments taken at the events so far this year. Thank you!

Regular Event Schedule

AM Session

  • Registration/Tech 7:30AM-8:30AM
  • Drivers meeting 9:00AM

PM Session

  • Registration/Tech 11:30AM-12:30PM
  • Drivers meeting 1:00PM (or 30 minutes after the last car of the morning session is off course - whichever is later. This is normally announced at the end of the morning session.)

Fees ($5 discount off listed fees if you pre-register):

  • $30 for SCCA First Gear members - if you are under 25 years old you are eligible for this entry rate - add $15 if you need a weekend membership
  • $40 for annual SCCA members ($35 for second entry of the day)
  • $55 for Weekend Members ($40 entry + $15 Weekend Membership that is good for 5 consecutive days)

Now taking credit card payments onsite!

  • Payment is made at the event cash, check or credit/debit card.
  • You can change or cancel your registration until Friday at 6pm (two days before the event)
  • Pre-registering is not required to attend the event

All entrants must be SCCA Members. You can sign up for SCCA Weekend membership at the event. $45 includes a discount of $15 toward an annual SCCA membership --two discounts ($30 total) can be used if purchased within 60 days.

Other info:

  • You must have your valid driver's license with you. Loaner helmets are available. Your car must pass the tech/safety inspection. Passengers are allowed.
  • Time Only and Novices can run on either side of the day.
  • Passengers are allowed for safety reasons Novices are not allowed to ride with Novices. All passengers must be SCCA members non-competitors who are riding along must fill out the Weekend Membership form available on-site at Registration. Passenger only membership is free.
  • Read up on the NWR Supplement Rules also.

NWR Classing Structure:

Street 1 (S1): SS, AS, BS, FS

Street 2 (S2): CS, ES, EV

Street 3 (S3): DS, GS, HS

Street Ladies (SL): SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, HS

Non-Stock 1 (NS1): SSP, ASP, BSP, ESP, SSR

Non-Stock 2 (NS2): CSP, DSP, FSP

Non-Stock 3 (NS3): All Prepared, Modified, and Kart classes, and FSAE

Non-Stock 4 (NS4): STC, STS, STF, STR

Non-Stock 5 (NS5): STX, STU, STP

Non-Stock 6 (NS6): SM, SSM, SMF

Non-Stock Ladies (NSL): All Street Touring, Street Prepared, Street Mod, Prepared, Mod and CAM Classes



- Run groups are subject to revision, due to small turn out, or groups getting out of balance.
- Novices can run in either morning or afternoon groups.
- Contact TBD with any run order questions.

More Information:
To Contact the event chair person, click here for contact information.

NOTE FOR MINORS: Please be reminded that ALL MINORS (under 18 years old) must have a minor waiver filled out with a parental signature or they are not allowed on the site. Minor drivers, passengers, course workers (and any other minor) whose official capacity requires him/her to enter a "hot" area, MUST have a waiver on file that is signed by BOTH parents/legal guardians. Click for detailed information on the insurance waivers and to print out the minor waiver.

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