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NWR SCCA will be offering Annual Tech for Solo II SCCA events for 2018.

NWR SCCA will be offering Annual Tech for Solo SCCA events this year.  Please see requirements at the bottom of this email if you're unsure of your eligibility.

Important Note:  Annual Tech appointments at NWR-SCCA events will be limited.  I encourage you to take advantage of the chance to get an inspection prior to SCCA #1 if possible.

The first chance for NWR SCCA Solo Annual Tech inspections will be on Sunday the 18th at the NWR-SCCA practice at BMP.  Appointments will be available from approximately 10 AM to 1:30 PM or so.  Please email to sign up for one of the following groups: 

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
12:30 PM - all the waiting cars are inspected

All sessions are first come first served so please plan to queue up early in the time you sing up for if possible.  PM event tech will have priority from 11:30-12:30 Annual Tech will be run on the main runway so you don't have to cross through the hot area (look for my dark blue Focus ST 5-door).  If you are interested in Annual Tech and are eligible (see section A below) please email Charles when you'd like to be scheduled between 10 and 2. 
We will be collecting a $5 tech fee to cover the cost of the tech stickers (available at or before SCCA #1).

Annual Tech will be offered at the following NWR-SCCA Events this year: 

Solo #1 4/29 at BMP  
Regional Pro Solo #1 5/5 in Packwood
Solo #2 5/6 in Packwood
Solo #3 5/20 at BMP


Charles Aggenbach and Dieter Beldi
charles@aggenbach.us and dieterbeldi@comcast.net
NWR SCCA co-Chiefs of Tech 2018
Annual Tech:
This means you get your car teched once during a special, thorough inspection and you do not have to be re-teched at SCCA events for the rest of the season. However, there are some limits, not everyone is eligible for the Annual Tech program. Tech is intended as a safety check for vehicles and we want to make sure that the people participating in the Annual Tech program have demonstrated the ability to adequately prepare their cars for competition. Not in upgrades, but in tight lug nuts and empty trunks. The following minimum standards shall be maintained for program eligibility:

a. All SCCA members who have attended at least 5 Northwest Region SCCA events in two of the last three years, and state their intention to do so in the following year are eligible.  Experienced competitors who do not meet this requirement may request a waiver from the Chief of Tech.

b. Cars that experience an on course mechanical failure or have been modified since inspection must be re-inspected and re-certified.

c. Vehicle must be judged (at Annual Tech) to generally be in good mechanical condition.

d. The car entrant must have read and be familiar with sections 3.3.3, safety inspection, and 3.7 Vehicle Identification. Purchasing a rule book is no longer required for Annual Tech.

e. The vehicle must be presented for annual inspection in the same condition it will compete, including class letters and numbers in FULL COMPLIANCE with section 3.7 of the SCCA Solo Rules. This includes race tires mounted on the car. You must bring a jack and a lug wrench with you to annual tech.

f. In Addition, the Chief of Tech, Event Chair, Chief of Safety, or Solo RE may require a competitor, on demand, to present a vehicle for a re-inspection, if there is reason to believe that the vehicle is not in compliance with 3.3.3. Vehicles with annual tech stickers may occasionally be spot checked in grid.


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