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1/9/17 Coneheads Year End Party!
Feb 25th date confirmed, at Foster Link Golf Course in Tukwila !  Stay tuned for details soon.
11/18/16   2017 PAX Values!
From Rick Ruth.
11/18/16   Year End Series Results!
See how you ended up for the year!
11/18/16   Event #8 Results!
Last event of the year in Bremerton on October 2nd!
8/22/16   Event #7 Results!
Another great weekend in Packwood!
8/3/16   Event #6 Results!

140 enjoy a good event in Bremerton with funky cold weather in the morning turning summer finally by run group 4! (pictures by Tim Irwin and Joe Goeke.  More here!)

7/12/16   Event #5 Results!
Nice weekend in Packwood for a double header with the Saturday practice!
6/6/16   Event #4 Results!
Hot Hot Hot, but 97 entrants braved the hot weather for 5 runs on a long techincal Bill Zerr course!
5/10/16   Regional ProSolo #2 Results!
Hot weekend in Packwood and another great ProSolo event!
5/26/16   Event #3 Results!
5/10/16   Regional ProSolo #1 Results!
Great weekend of racing in Packwood. Only 116 entants showed up for a fabulously long course by Kit Gauthier!
5/10/16   Regional ProSolo #1 Results!
61 entrants have a fabulous day in Packwood! The new Petrel Data timing lights worked wonderfully! Great pot luck party that night after the event!
4/6/16   Event #1 Results!
  Great first event of the 2016 season in Bremerton. 156 show up for a spectacular day of racing and fun Kevin Dietz Course!
3/23/16   Annual Tech for 2016!
Get your car teched for the entire year! Several opportunities.
1/12/13   Regional Series Sponsor!
The NWR SCCA Solo Championship Series sponsor is Chase Race! Chase Race is a full service fabrication shop located in Duvall, Washington, and serves the needs of race, rally, autocross, and street car enthusiasts in the greater Seattle area. The shop offers a variety of services that can help you prepare for the upcoming season including alignments, custom exhaust and tire mounting/balancing. Visit http://chaserace.com/ for a complete list of services!

12/20/12   Novice Program Sponsor!
DirtFish Rally School is the Novice School Sponsor!
12/20/12   Tight -n -Tidy  Continues as the ProSolo Series Sponsor!
Be sure to include the ProSolo series in your schedule, conveniently on Saturdays before regional events at Packwood.  The only Region in the entire country that hosts it's own ProSolo Series!
12/3/12   NWR-SCCA driver discount program!
The NWR SCCA Solo program is offering an entry discount punch card for novices and drivers that are new to NWR SCCA solo events.!

Solo Webmaster: Joe Goeke

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NWR Year End Awards Banquet

2/4/2017 5:00:00 PM

Emerald Downs in Auburn Wa. 2300 Emerald Downs Dr. Auburn, WA 98401

New Date! Stay tuned for more details on the solo page.

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