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Northwest Region Calendar

Each venue provides a series of events you can participate in as a driver, volunteer, or just a spectator. 

Up Coming Regional Events

Quarterly 2010 Membership Meetings - January 9; April  5; July 5; October 5

The Poodle Dog Restaurant 1522 54TH Ave E. Fife, WA 98424 Phone number: (253) 922-6161

7pm in the Board Room (north entrance)



The following link is for all NWR SCCA events and meetings.  It is a great way to see what is going on in the NWR!

Northwest Region Calendar (month by month)

Race Calendar (all race related events)

Solo Calendar (all solo related events)

Rally Calendar (all rally related events)

Time Trials Calendar (all time trials related events

NorPac Division Calendar

The below list of links are other calendars for other clubs holding race events in the area.

Western Washington Sports Car Council (primarily autocross events

SOVREN (Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts)

PSRRA (Puget Sound Road Racing Assoc (Shifter Karts)

Northwest Legends

Pacific Rally Group

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